Economic Impact

The Performance Center will benefit our region in many ways. A new economic study shows it will impact the greater Asheville area in four specific areas: adding new visitor spending, supporting ongoing operations, engaging the initial construction of the Center, and boosting job growth. 

Significant Impacts . . .

Economic activity generated will support hundreds of jobs in Buncombe County each year, once the facility is in operation.


Economic output, representing roughly the worth of all local production and sales generated will be millions of dollars each year in the county.


The Performance Center will add significantly in labor income to the county each year.


It is expected that new visitor spending will be attracted annually from Performance Center shows.



Annual tax revenues will be increased, impacting state and local collections as well as Federal tax revenue income.


The $55 million to construct the complex over four years will support hundreds of jobs in the county and add greatly to local labor labor income.


Based on the experiences of current performing arts centers now operating:

- The area surrounding the site should expect to experience superior job growth, outpacing the county overall.

- Much of the superior job growth will go to higher earning jobs, and extend to many industries not directly related to the Center.


The Performance Center is expected to include:


  • a 2,000-seat multipurpose hall for Broadway tours, celebrity concerts, symphony, opera, ballet and a variety of other events;

  • a large multipurpose rehearsal facility and a variety of spaces for education;

  • three-level lobby with concessions and restrooms on each floor;

  • state-of-the-art sound and video recording with a dedicated media center; and

  • building dimensions with a height of 100' to be located on 1.5+ acres.


The Performing Arts Center can meaningfully impact the area. The Center will be a sizable physical structure, attracting considerable visitation and most likely altering the surrounding landscape of the surrounding locality. Across America performing arts centers have been strategically located with the goal of leveraging beneficial outcomes.



In dollar terms, ongoing operations of the Performance Center will annually add millions in labor income to the local economy. Value added, or the additional economic contribution of ongoing operations, will generate millions each year to the local economy. Total output, representing roughly the worth of all local production and sales generated from ongoing operations will be in the millions as well.

The Performance Center will offer national Broadway tours, live events for digital broadcasting and other events not possible using Asheville's existing facilities!