Connecting the Pieces


The Performance Center initiative is a partnership between the public sector and private donors. The funding initiative will begin with major private support from community leaders, will require major commitments from the public sector, and ultimately will engage the support of the community at-large. This project is a complex puzzle that will succeed with strong leadership provided by public officials and many dedicated members of the community.


Private fund raising must be a substantial part of The Performance Center financing. We are organizing a volunteer committee to lead the capital campaign. Already, private donors have committed almost $5 million.


The City of Asheville and Buncombe County have passed resolutions endorsing The Performance Center. The city and county should participate in the funding of this project as the plans develop. We also plan to compete for local tourism development funds and to explore funding opportunities at the state and federal level.



Across the country there are numerous examples of performance centers featuring the names of leading individuals and businesses that made significant gifts toward their costs of construction.


The Performance Center in Asheville will offer a range of naming opportunities, beginning with the name for the center itself, to recognize lead donors and their outstanding contributions to the performing arts and education in our region.


  • The Performance Center

  • Main Hall

  • Rehearsal Hall/Multipurpose Room

  • Main Lobby

  • Main Stage

  • Donor Room

  • Media Arts Center

  • Classrooms/Meeting Rooms


The Performance Center is not currently accepting donations or pledges pending future developments with respect to the proposed rebuilding of Thomas Wolf Auditorium.