Friends Circle

Founding Members



Dorel Abbott

Linda and John Alford

Audie and Bob Bayer

Sandra and George Beverly

Diana and George Bilbrey

Betsy and Tom Bolton

Lois Smith and Claudio Capasso

Trudy and David Cappiello

Elinor Cotts

Sally and Dick Darling

Yvonne and Mack Day

Joyce and Larry Dorr

Nancy and Bill Gettys

Eileen and Chuck Hutchison

Nancy and Tom Maher

Carol and Hugh McCollum

Joyce and Bill Miles

Vinton and Dick Murray

Cary and Charlie Owen

Jeanne and Ben Powell

Sally Rhoades

Martha Rowlett

Ralph Simpson

Jane and Jim Sleeva

Irene and Michael Stoll

Peggy and Jim Tobin

Kate and Mitchell Watson

Sherry and Bill Wothke


Initial Membership - June 1, 2011

The Friends Circle


In addition to the major gifts campaign to build a Performance Center there are other opportunities for participation. The Asheville Area Center for the Performing Arts established the Friends Circle of The Performance Center in the summer of 2011. This organization, important because it broadens our circle of support and raises both awareness and funds, is open to anyone. It recognizes donors to the project giving $1,000 or more. The Friends Circle is a community-driven effort focused on annual giving. The inspired leadership of the original members with this program is greatly appreciated. 




The Performance Center is an essential cultural development that will have great impact on so many people for generations to come.  The bottom line – now is the time for Asheville to have a new center that supports our region and you can play an important role in its success!  This multi-faceted program supports the project in multiple ways:


1.  It builds momentum for Asheville’s national image as a leading cultural center.


2.  It provides a unique venue to engage artists and audiences in Western North Carolina.


3.  It effectively expands the diversity of entertainment offerings with Broadway shows and concerts.


4.  It serves as an essential economic catalyst for generations to come.


First and foremost we envision many talented artists performing before live audiences in Asheville and shared with the world. It shall be the go-to location for recording and broadcasting, programs shared through television, streaming online, and other outlets.  Many new business opportunities for video productions can originate from such a highly creative, exploratory environment.